• Second-Hand Ltd business specify in collection and recycling of clothes, using door-to-door collection scheme throughout the Scotland. We collect used clothes, bedding, curtains, shoes, handbags and belts as well as books, DVDs, CDs.
  • Because of the of cheap disposable clothing trend uprising progressively, huge amounts of clothing and volumes of pairs of shoes are thrown out in Great Britain every year. Consequently, it creates immeasurable compression on our already overstretched landfill sites. In fact, the better part of this can surely be recycled into up to date products or reused in progressing countries, this way saving resources of nature.
  • Being a commercial company Second-Hand Ltd has also established a link with the charity foundation. According to the mutual agreement, Second-Hand Ltd operates on the behalf of the Charity by doing clothing collections.
  • With a focus on a universal community we co-operate into developing an environmentally sustainable future. Towards this aim we are:
  • •  Maintaining an ethical and efficient textile collection and recycling service.
  • •  Lifting up awareness about the pollution impact.
  • •  Helping to support underprivileged families in the UK by promoting charitable work of Charity’s foundation.
  • •  Contributing financially to worthy causes, by giving out monthly donations.
  • •  Employing the most energy-efficient ways of carrying out our textile collection and recycling services.
  • •  Working in relationship with charities, local authorities, public sector organizations and the public aiming for a valuable goal.

  • By working closely with like-minded people and organizations and our team of experts we can provide an effective and naturally caring recycling service which benefits customers, partners and millions of deprived people all over the world.


Since 06.2011 till 04.2012 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £4000 to The Tree of Hope Children's Charity.

Since 04.2012 till 12.2012 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £4000 to Kidney Kids Scotland Charity.

Since 01.2013 till 06.2020 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £80500 to Autism Initiatives Scotland Charity.