Second-Hand Ltd is a sociable, fast developing and innovative family run textile recycling company, based in Scotland. We are a small company, but we have already achieved so much! The nature of Second-Hand Ltd is truly to capture the essential and fundamental values and principles. We are devoted in working to increase recycling rates of the environment we all live in by raising funds for our friends and partners and helping families in need.


Since 06.2011 till 04.2012 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £4000 to The Tree of Hope Children's Charity.

Since 04.2012 till 12.2012 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £4000 to Kidney Kids Scotland Charity.

Since 01.2013 till 10.2019 Company "Second-Hand" Ltd. has donated the amount of £76500 to Autism Initiatives Scotland Charity.


In reality Second-Hand Ltd is a commercial company, although from the very beginning of our business activity we were determined to become those with the authority to make an impact of lives of those who needed any kind of help most. Just recently Second-Hand Ltd have reached the financial state which enabled us to donate around 75% of the annual profit to the different organizations who care about misfortunate members of our society. Second-Hand Ltd greatly aims to help by any means we can. We do not attribute to any charity in order to enlarge our profit; on the contrary, we assign ourselves to be with the same passion to benefit the community. We are sure that when people supply us with their unused items, it will contribute and grant a much needed assistance to other members of the same society. Plenty of people: distributors, collectors, haulage companies, rent storage and import/export companies are being provided with the jobs. Second-Hand Ltd is registered with Companies House Reg. No SC321547 and fully complies with UK legislation.
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HELPLINE:  +44 7757371150

Second-Hand Limited
2 Auchinbaird,
Registered no SC321547 (Scotland)
VAT Reg: GB 917762400